Ortho Plus is a Tunisian company specializing in orthopedics.

Ortho Plus was founded in 1995 by Mr. Hassen Dridi that after acquiring deep knowledge in this sector, has transferred to Tunisia’s knowledge, skills and best technologies acquired in this vast field.

Ortho Plus offers the best technology in equipment, orthopedic contension, functional rehabilitation equipment, workshop equipment and sports. Our technical staff provides customized solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of the patients.


With Neo electric wheelchair from B + B France, active and independent life is again possible without foreign aid. Whether inside or outside, the powerful motor resists effortlessly at distances up to 40 km.

Amoena Natura

After the operation, you want to be sure that your prosthesis fits perfectly and looks natural. Amoena Natura range is designed to look like the most obvious form and fallen breast.

knee joint G-Leg

The C-Leg optimally fulfills the expectations of the people whose need for security is particularly important

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